WHOA!!! What is this?? Oh yeah, I remember now….it’s my OWN BED!! This is the first time that I have woke up in my bed for 17 days. It is going to be a short lived feeling because I will be leaving it again later today.

I did remember my old routine and woke Lisa up and took out the dog at 5:45 AM. The time of day didn’t make any difference because I had never stopped doing that for almost the entire time I had been gone. I am trying to find out when it is that retirement is going to start being relaxing. Not today!!

I can’t say that the day was very exciting at all. I headed up to the loft over our living room which is my “Man Cave” and starting pounding on my computer. Those that know me are aware that I have an Excel spreadsheet for just about everything that I do. I would lay out a


few examples but if you are reading this you are already aware that I lean to the weird side. If you saw what I track on my spreadsheets terms like “certifiable” or “yikes” will come into play. I spent a good part of the morning updating 17 days of spreadsheet entries. AHHHH….I feel whole again!!! I also did some badly needed blog writing and caught up on a couple of emails. Aunt Maureen would stop at the bottom of the stairs leading to the loft and listen for me hitting the keyboard so she knew I was still alive up there.


Lisa’s workplace closes down every day at 3:00 in the afternoon. She didn’t waste any time getting home meaning that by 3:30 I was loading the car with our weekend bags. The plan is for us to meet up with my brother and two of my sisters at the Omni Resort of Amelia Island north of Jacksonville near Fernandina Beach, FL. The original plan was for me to ride home from North Georgia today, run in the house, shower, put on fresh clothes, and run back out to the car. Because of that I had packed my weekend bag 3 weeks ago and had it ready to go. We anticipated leaving about 7:00 in the evening to make the 2 hour drive up to Amelia Island.

Giving credit where credit is due we have to give thanks to Hurricane Hermine for, 1) causing us to worry and having me come home early in a car and, 2) to change course and speed enough to have little or no impact on our weekend. Here it was 4:15 and we were pulling out of the driveway….a full 2 ¾ hours ahead of the original plan. Sometimes when you think that Mother Nature is out to screw you up it turns around to be the best ever.

The drive up was moving right along on I-95 when, OOPS, traffic ground to a near stop. At the same time the emergency responders..i.e. police and fire….were racing up the wp-1473522999887.jpgshoulders. Whatever was in front of us must have just happened. Sure enough about a quarter mile later we see a semi off the road facing in the wrong direction. Then as suddenly as the traffic slowed down we were back up to speed. Had we left our house 15 minutes later we would be in the middle of a huge traffic back-up.

We got to the Omni and I let the valet take the car and let the bell guy take our bags. We checked-in and found our way to the room. I have to say that the Omni Resort in Amelia Island is a very nice place. We did wait a little longer than we thought we should for our bags but that wasn’t a big deal. We were both hungry and the rest of the family were either making airport runs or still had to fb_img_1472856715554.jpgcheck-in so we headed off to eat.

Our “target restaurant” was the Falcon’s Nest because the brochure said that Friday night was Prime Rib special night. Somewhere I am sure that I have a spreadsheet on prime rib!!! Lisa saw a stairway near our room and we thought that it would be fine to take since we were going DOWN. Unfortunately we went DOWN one too many floors and our short cut had us walking all over the place. We also elected to walk to the Falcon’s Nest rather than taking the shuttle. As it turned out that wasn’t a bad call but since we had no clue where we were going we really didn’t know how far we would be walking. Thankfully after we corrected our blunder of wandering through No Man’s Land after the stairway we negotiated our way to the restaurant flawlessly. Soon we were sitting comfortably and were finding out about the OUTSTANDING customer service there was at the Omni. The prime rib was excellent and I have to tell you…..I HATE asparagus and yet I ate every single one on my plate because they fixed them perfect. Those were some of the first asparagus that I have eaten in my life and stand a good chance of being the last….but those 8 stalks were delicious.

Back at the hotel my younger sister and her husband, Jean & Steve, were there. They live just a short distance from us in Florida. Along with them my brother and his wife, Bob & Laura, were also there. They live north of Dallas in Texas. It was his brainstorm to get all the Bova siblings together. We all hooked up and found a table and cushy chairs near the pool where we talked and laughed and laughed and talked until it was time for bed. The last thing mentioned was coffee at 7:00 in the lobby. Yep, life is good!!

Back to the room and a really good night’s sleep! Talk to you tomorrow!!

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